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 West Virginia: The Road to Statehood 

West Virginia - The Road the Statehood 

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This documentary brings to life the issues, differences and disagreements that divided the Commonwealth of Virginia, turning families and neighbors against one another throughout what is now West Virginia. Through interviews with respected state historians, dramatizations, archival letters, sketches and photographs the 40-minute film examines events and philosophies behind West Virginia becoming a state during the Civil War, particularly through the lives of attorney Francis Pierpont (considered the “father of West Virginia”) and former U.S. Congressman Albert Gallatin Jenkins(who defended “Old Virginia”).

The Law Works. 

The Law Works 

Thursdays at 8:30 pm on WVPBS 

Friday at 11:00 am on WVPBS2
Host: Dan Ringer

The Law Works is a weekly show on West Virginia PBS discussing legal issues that affect daily life. Now in its tenth season, The Law Works has considered issues ranging from how to buy a house, to identity theft, and wiretapping.

Doctors on Call text

Doctors on Call 

Thursdays at 8:00 pm on WVPBS
Watch Doctors on Call - LIVE - on West Virginia Public Television & get answers to your health questions from WVU Healthcare doctors.  


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 Abracadabra Logo  Abracadabra 


Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 am on WV PBS 


 Abracadabra is the only children's television series that presents health education, nutrition, and science in a fun and entertaining venue, combining these with magic, ventriloquism, and original songs for children ages 4 to 10.   

 The Legislature Today - Daily news from the Legislative Session 

Mon-Fri at 6:30 pm on WV PBS (during session)

Mon-Fri at 11:30 on WVPBS2 (repeat), Mon-Fri at 6 am on WVPBS2 (repeat)

The Legislature Today is West Virginia's source for daily legislative news and information featuring reports from the Senate, House and committee meetings with in-depth interviews about the issues facing the state.

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