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Classically Speaking

Classical music in West Virginia and Beyond

Klaus Heymann of Naxos (Interview)

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By Mona Seghatoleslami
 · July 26, 2011

Recognize this logo?

Naxos Logo

If so, you’re familiar with Klaus Heymann’s work. Even if you haven't seen the logo, you hear some of the results of his work nearly any day you tune to West Virginia Public Radio.
18th Century Overtures
A familiar sight in many classical music collections

Heymann is founder and president of Naxos, one of the few major companies producing and distributing classical recordings. It’s not by CD sales alone that Naxos exists – they also run the streaming Naxos Music Library, license music to film and TV, and distribute a whole bunch of labels.

I've already read several interesting interviews with Heymann, so I was a bit unsure as to what new things I could ask him. I’m also not really a business expert (Unless borrowing one of my dad’s business magazines to read about Spotify counts? Probably not...)

We did find plenty of things to discuss, including the music that has influenced him, different trends in classical music recording industry, and how radio still impacts classical music sales. On a sort of strange whim, I also asked him for his advice for the newspaper industry (one of his first jobs was for a newspaper).

Listen to our interview below (streaming or download): 

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Interview with Klaus Heymann, founder and president of Naxos

Listening back to the interview, it caught my ear that he discussed several things in terms of  “placing bets." We don't know the future, but people are trying a lot of interesting things. Some of the small bets that he mentioned include digital books with embedded music and classical music apps.

It was a good discussion, but I still feel that I missed asking something crucial that I still haven't figured out.

What questions would you ask a classical music executive if you got a chance to chat with one?

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