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Farmer, Cline, & Campbell

Classically Speaking

Classical music in West Virginia and Beyond

NPR’s Deceptive Cadence

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By Mona Seghatoleslami
 · September 24, 2010
Deceptive Cadence blog logo

NPR has a new classical music blog – Deceptive Cadence

They’ve posted live chats with performers and composers, concert recordings, classical cartoons, links, and lists. I really like their series of stories about first loves in classical music, with contributions from composers, performers, conductors, and listeners. They want to hear your stories too: “What’s the First Piece of Classical Music You Fell in Love With?”

Yesterday, they posted a fun classical music trivia game. Give this puzzler a try.  Can you match pieces of music to the animals that inspired them? (I almost got them all – I needed an extra attempt to match one pair)

I’ve added Deceptive Cadence to our recommended links over on the right side of the page. They’re all good reads -- but of course no replacement for stopping in here to read (and listen to and watch) what’s new with Classically Speaking and WV Public Broadcasting. :)

Classically Speaking Interview Index

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By Mona Seghatoleslami
 · July 16, 2010

Since we started this blog in 2008, we’ve interviewed many people connected to classical music, some who live in or are from West Virginia; others have visited to make music here or just were heard here on the radio. Performers, composers, conductors, teachers, authors, producers…it’s been wonderful to speak with them all and to have the opportunity to share these conversations with you. 

These interviews are scattered throughout the blog archives, so I’ve always been frustrated that they might not always be easy to find. I've finally created a directory to guide you to these interviews; you can find links to all of our classical music interviews all on one page: the Classically Speaking Interview Index.     

Check it out!  Find a favorite interview, or browse to find something new. 

I’ll be sure to keep it updated as we publish more interviews, and I welcome any suggestions for improving usability.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend! :)

Stravinsky: Once at a Border (review)

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By Jim Lange
 · March 15, 2010
Stravinsky DVD

Editor’s note: You may have noticed that Jim Lange has a new blog that is keeping him busy these days.  I’m only able to forgive him for spending less time in this corner of our site because of how much I like reading his posts on this new EclecTopia blog
Classical music is part of the wide (and wild) mix of music that Jim spins on EclecTopia, and his blog recently featured a review of a Stravinsky documentary.

“Anyone who appreciates Igor Stravinsky should watch Once at a Border - a DVD which is loaded with not only biographical, but personal insights into the man who launched the 20th century."

[… ]

"Many times during the film, I felt like I was seeing something so rare and incredible: Stravinsky walking about the room where he wrote the Rite of Spring or out in his garden at his Hollywood residence. Those seemed to me like having a film with Beethoven talking about his ninth symphony. Simply magic."


"Mrs. Vera Stravinsky makes an all-too-brief appearance near the end of the film, looking a bit sad and lost. Perhaps she declined to be interviewed extensively, but it makes me wonder why she wasn’t more a part of the film? Imagine the insights.”

For more insights, read the whole review here.

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