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Classically Speaking

Classical music in West Virginia and Beyond

LISTEN: Bach and Tafelmusik Baroque

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By Jim Lange
 · November 7, 2011

Bach Tafelmusik
Jeanne Lamon & Tafelmusik are always top-notch, but countertenor Daniel Taylor is stunning.

Jeanne Lamon has been performing and recording early music since 1981 with Tafelmusik. Early music orchestras have certainly established a firm place in the world of concert music and Lamon's group has been an important part of that.

It must have taken quite a bit of courage to try to establish an "authentic" Baroque music ensemble which might have been seen as nothing more than a curiosity along side well-established modern orchestras.

The stunning surprise here is countertenor Daniel Taylor. Taylor's voice has depth, ease and clarity as he sings Cantata BWV 170 and 54.


Daniel Taylor
Countertenor Daniel Taylor.

WikiPedia defines countertenor. 

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